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Today, Jewish youth of Tallinn in Estonia has no place where they could spend their leisure time.

Dear Sirs!

I appeal you for help. Today, Jewish youth of Tallinn in Estonia has no place where they could spend their leisure time, except Jewish community, which works until a certain hour and closed on weekends. We need your sponsorship for opening the Jewish youth cafes, where will operate only Jewish youth.
Cafe "
?????? ??? ?? ????? (From Hebrew - coffee with a sense of mashmaut) - this will be a place, where Jewish youth will communicate. This is not a kosher cafe, but we will try to adhere principles of kashrut. It is great to spend good time with friends, talk about relevant youth themes in cozy atmosphere of the cafe. By this method, we recall the ancient Jewish tradition of coming together - to argue, discuss, interpret, think. Diverse range of products, low prices, a small, cozy room, a homely atmosphere - all this will be an indispensable attributes of our cafe.
The cafe is expected for: entertainment parties, Jewish holidays, the evening of humor, interesting meetings, celebrate birthdays Jewish youth and their friends. Also there will be carried out various activities for people in years. By the way in cafe we shall conduct theme nights about Jewish traditions to youth another nationality.
On Fridays, as usual will be celebrated Shabbat.
In the cafe you can just sit in the evening and play for example the backgammon or the sea battle, play the guitar or sing karaoke. We are always welcomed for lovers of intellectual disputes and "Beit Midrash.
The cafe will exist its own mini-cinema with a large screen, equipped with a Dolby Digital 5.1. The movie theater is expected to show the Jewish film, according to a previously announced by the announcement, and will also be given the opportunity to order the film individually.
Cafe will be open to all people regardless nationality and religion. This non-profit company: all income from coffee will go to charity.

Silent about myself.

I graduated Tallinn Jewish Gymnasium in 2006. I work as a counselor in a community for 7 years. At the moment, I am the coordinator of youth and children's projects, the Tallinn Jewish community, as well as the Baltic and European projects. Also i am one of the organizer of seminars and youth camps in Estonia, Lithuania and Hungary. From the Estonian community I was in Jewish summer camp in U.S.A. For the organization of Jewish youth cafe, opened non-profit association "AM Agentuur". I look forward for your support for Estonian Jewish Youth.

Yours faithfully

Aleksei Voronov

+ 372 53502231
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